Love, Resilience, Strength, Healing

At the beginning of March, I had the pleasure of having a very long and meaningful phone conversation with my soon to be client, Madeleine. We seemed to be on the same page from the beginning which allowed me to be so excited about the journey that I was about to embark on with her and her growing family. Here is a story of love, resilience, strength, and healing.

Family Laboring together
Friends helping during labor
Big Brother is here to help
A moment of calmness
Breath through the contraction


There was so much love within their house as soon as I walked through the door. Friends who came to be support however it was needed, the birth team who's attention was completely on mom when she needed but also there for the other members of the family when they needed it. It was amazing to capture all the love and support that was happening while I was there.

All in this together
snack break
snacks and contractions
It takes a village
It takes a village and love


Madeleine had been in active labor for almost 24hrs once I arrived and she was so calm the entire time I was there. She really was so determined to bring their daughter into the world at their house and she pushed through her painful contractions each time they arose for 3 days straight. Ultimately she had to make the decision to transfer to the hospital.

A boy and his momma
Heart Beat check
Nursing through contractions
A tender moment with the doula
All you need is love


She showed so much strength through the entire process! Though the birth did not go as planned, she remained calm and made the hard decisions she needed to make in order to bring her baby girl into the world safely. Baby Scarlett is strong and beautiful just like her mother!

A family of four
normalize breastfeeding
New Family Addition
Daddy's Girl
Brand New Baby Girl


The healing process is always a bit complicated when your birth plan doesn't go as planned, though I know this family took the necessary steps they needed to in order to heal physically and mentally. All are doing well and Scarlett is growing wonderfully!